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The best domain name for my web site

How to choose The best domain name for my web site
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Understanding how to choose a domain name is similar to knowing how to choose a business name, it takes a lot of thought and consideration. Your domain name is your identity or that of your product on the Internet; you want to make sure you choose a domain name that not only matches your business or product, but should also be easy to find and promote.


domain name for my web site


Several tips below to help you choose the best domain name you can get.


Choisir un bon nom de domaine


Easy-to-enter domain name

Choosing an easy-to-enter domain name is essential to success on the Internet. If you are using representations (like using a number to represent a word) or words with multiple spellings (profesional instead of professional for example), it may be difficult for users on the Internet to find your site.


Short domain name

If your domain name is long and / or made up of several names, you risk that potential visitors to your site will miss out on it and therefore lose a large part of your audience. In that sense, the shorter the name, the better.


Use keywords

When possible try to use keywords that describe your business and the services or products you want to offer. Include keywords in your domain name that people type in when looking for your products or services in search engines.

This helps improve your search engine rankings which in turn increases traffic to your site and makes it more meaningful to your customers.


Choisir un bon nom de domaine


Target a region

If the scope of your business is local or you are targeting a geographically limited product sale, consider including the city in your domain name so that local internet users can find and remember it easily.


Without numbers and dashes

Numbers and hyphens are often misinterpreted, so users hearing your website address are not always sure whether it is a dash of 5 or 6, may completely omit the hyphen or reverse the order of the words ...

If you need it in your field, be sure to record the different possible combinations so as not to lose your potential customers.


Memorable name

There may be thousands of domain names in your industry that are already registered, so it is very important to choose a domain that is eye-catching and easy to remember.

Seek advice from those around you, family and friends to make sure that the name selected sounds appealing and meaningful to others, not just you.


Avoid imitation

When choosing a domain name, make sure that the name you have selected is not a registered trademark or is not in use by another company. You risk losing your domain name and / or your customers. In some cases this could lead to a legal conflict which could cost you dearly.

name for my web site


A relevant extension

Extensions are suffixes, such as .com or .net, at the end of web addresses. These can have specific uses, so be sure to choose the right one for your business. The .com domain extension is the most popular and the best performing too, but it can be difficult to get a .com domain name that is short, memorable, and available for registration.

A host of new generic top-level domains provide a good opportunity to register short and highly relevant names. Here are some other main extensions that are often used:


Local country extensions such as .fr for France .ca for Canada… they can be a very good choice when your scope of activity as well as your potential customers are specific to a single country.


Choisir un bon nom de domaine